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The Black Sheep

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The Blood Dragon follows this project coz Ricky deliveres what he promise,he is pro,fast and has taste,he can dress anyone to be hot and kickass goth or punk model..The Order of The Blood Dragon still believes in the word from mouth to mouth ,the DIY concept which the alternative scene started with back in the 80ties...Ricky has dared to give the establised shops competition ,dared to sell cheaper ,he also sees a future in goth and punk....and in vegan products..many kudos from us to him for this...The Black Sheep ships everywhere and is popular.They just celebrated their first birthday,The Black Sheep is now one year old and we think They are here to stay....
A note: We do not get money for advertising Ricky...and we dont want to get paid,we want you to look good and buy good quality, in favorable prices, and to have a first hand look on and news about the fashion on the Danish Goth, Punk and Alternative scene,thats all =) The Black Sheep is one of few but very good shops found in Copenhagen. The Danes are critical about what they buy,they want both quality and good /cheap prices...But check it out for your self;

From Ricky's Shop The Black Sheep:

Welcome to The Black Sheep

Our shop on "Frederiksberg", Copenhagen.
Throughout many years with several trips to Berlin and London, the dream of The Black Sheep was created. Knowing the numbers of shops and stores in those cities, and with next to none here in Copenhagen, we felt there should be room for us.

Therefore The Black Sheep is a store and wholesaler specialising in clothing, shoes and accessories for the alternative lifestyle.

Alternative lifestyle is a tough concept to define. We try to have something for everyone, which is kind of a challenge. We stock clothing and shoes for Goths, Punks, Pirates, Cyber's and simply too many more styles to mention. The only certain thing is that we try to avoid regular fashion.

Our assortment is not just black in color. Even though it is our favourite color, we have lots of other colors too. We stock Aderlass, Black Pistol, Blacklist, Demonia, Kill City, Lip Service and Rubies Costumes.

If you are in Denmark, we recommend a little trip to our store, to view the entire selection, quality and sizes.
If you know your size(s), you can choose to use our speedy web-shop and get your items sent by carrier.

Outside Denmark, please quote for exact shipping cost before ordering.

If you have any further questions about The Black Sheep, please
contact us.

The Black Sheep • Henrik Steffensvej 1 • 1866 Frederiksberg • Tlf: 33 24 30 20 • E-mail: • Cvr-nr:18969793

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