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Crimes and Society

Crimes and Society.

Written by Lord Warzin Ozol

We know that nature abhors a vacuum, but what about our minds or,even more intangibly,our souls? Im sick of seeing fake vampyres and also lycans for that matter  giving our already  tarnished image worse ,thanks mostly to hollywood movies and also television and the rest because of fakers claiming to be our kind,they are the ones that dont have a clue to whom we are or the way we live ,they follow what hollywood has made us to be.Sure if we wished to we could easily kill for we are the hunters not the hunted even though we have been hunted over the centuries by the christians and many others that wish they had what we have out of jealousy, i believe is why they hunt and want to destroy us but that is my opinion  anyway, we deserve to be treated better and to be understood more and in order to do that we need to stand up and make ourselves heard ,tell society that we arent the freaks and monsters that hollywood makes us out to be ,we need to let them know that we are beings of great passion, that we do love and care what happens in society for it effects us all. Because of stupid people like the ones, i will mention now of a few incidents that happened in 2006 in Canada, the one incident happened very near where i live and has been effecting the vampyre/goth community here ,because of the short distance away ,anyway here are the incidents im referring to.The first one in Medicine Hat,Alberta,Canada ,which happened in April/2006 A girl then 12 at the time of the incident and her boyfriend then 23 at the time this occurred, killed her parents and also her 8 year old brother she claiming to be a vampyre and her boyfriend claiming to be a 300 year old Lycan.Slaughtering them with no remorse and why just so he could be with a teenaged girl he convinced her that by killing them would be the only way that they could be together. The funny thing is for ones claiming to be what they are, not one drop of blood was drank and they admitted to that  so what does that say to you? To me it says they arent what they claimed to be they are fakes  or in other terms wannabees.The other incident happened in Montreal,Quebec,Canada;on a college campus,the colleges name Dawson College and the man responsible for this tragedy a man named Kimveer Gill, he was on Vampire freaks for i did talk to him a few times.I found him an idiot and a wannabee, i even told him that and blocked him, that incident happened on Sept13/2006;he killed 1 student and injured 19 others .When the incident in Medicine Hat occurred I have since been threatened verbally and also attacked physically , our kind has taken a lot of abuse around here, some are so scared that they turned away from our lifestyle , as for myself no matter what they do ,they cant break me or make me change the way i live, for i am truly what i say i am. Over the centuries I have lost ancestors butchered like animals and some of the ladys in my family burnt at the stake anyway the ones responsible then and even now in some ways  by heating up things and riling people up are the christians and we know how they were they are the real monsters and murderers and evil ones ,how many of our kind they have slaughtered over the centuries because we live and look different and because we dont believe in what they believe anyway enough about this for now so many thoughts and feelings i have on this ,i can go on and on for a long time.I love our people and I especially love my wife and children for they are my world and without them I have nothing and i am very protective of them. But i also am protective of all our kind for i feel it is my responsability as a Lord.
Thank you.
 Sincerely Lord Warzin Ozol

Crimes and Society

Written by Lady Warzin Ozol.

I fell over this site;

Occult and Violent Ritual Crime Research Center, Inc. found at this link;
They write articles about occult and ritual crimes among other.I cant say any about the authors personal standpoints from reading those articles..but I was left with an overall feeling that a whole bunch of people are criminals...some i know isnt true..but yes some people are......
I cant say I ever enjoy to read some like this,its very sad that some humans commit awful crimes and even more sad when other humans after reading articles like these,then associate a whole subculture or religion with crime and to be criminals,Articles of this nature always hold that potiential.
If a criminal committing a murder,rape or whtever crime and in the same time proclaim when arrested tht s/he is christian...then it doesnt make this person a true christian,this makes this person a sick individual claiming to be a christian...because s/he broke all christain rules and commandments by the crime...
Most subcultures and religons doesnt encourage crimes at all...Nor does the Vampyre subculture..we work hard to prevent crimes and violence..theres a lot of wannabees tht did see to much fiction and want to be like the fiction,but fiction and reality is far apart.But why does other people then think this of a whole society? Fear of the unknown to them,simply they dont know enough about various religions or subcultures.
This creates a need for various support groups betewn different religous groups and subcultures ,some are more active than others in these projects.Why does it create a need? Because a whole bunch of innocent souls are bein told by others who couldnt tell facts apart and just associate a whole group with some random individuals crime;that they are ill,crazy,dangerous,criminals,freaks and far worser words for sure...Its a common problem in many religions and subcultures...
The sideeffects of this is ex that many souls struggle to find jobs,to get accepted in the society they live in and is driven to depression and sadness that grow worser by the fact that they dont have a job or the accept of the rest of society to be them selves,so some give in and hide their truths,who they really are and how they live....which wasnt as the criminal any way...but hey a whole society see you like that criminal...and judge you by her/his actions,not your own....
The Vampyre society does suffer on top of this from the myths and movies misleading information about Vampyres.When various Vampyre sites warn against Vampyreslayers / hunters then this is a real warning,there are people out there who from religious or other belief of fanatic nature really stakes Vampyres or kill them in other ways as said to be effective in the myths and movies.
So yes its dangerous to stand up and say Hi I am (ex. Carola) and I have been a Vampyre all my life.Many modern days Vampyres live in fear and suffer from loneliness...for no reason other than they are being judged for other sick individuals crimes or misunderstandings because of myths and does Otherkin,Goths,Punkers,Witches,Wiccans,Pagan of all kinds and Others in various subcultures,the ironic part is; Together all these oppressed subcultures souls will be far more in number than those who are judgemental towards them,so in reality a minority dictactes a majority by harrashing and insulting  them to live hidden and in fear.
Lady Warzin Ozol.


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