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The Blood Dragons Coffin

T.B Photography

The Blood Dragons Coffin is currently  stalking :


A photgrapher in Copenhagen.

 T.B s Photos are on display here at the gallery and many more at the Blood Dragons 

Coffin EzineBoards Gallery, you find links in the navigation at the top of the page.

Photo: T.B

No! ofcourse we only stalk people who kick ass totally ...

T.B sees the world differently through his lens.
Check this out:


Image Hosted by
Photo: T.B

Image Hosted by
Photo: T.B

T.B Photo

T.B Photo

And no! You cant steal these Photo's without a permission from T.B !


 Oh so you really liked the photos and wanna know more about T.B ,well sorry we are the worst Ezine in the world ,we wont tell you any because TBs Photos speaks for them selves Youre still curious??? Well damn just click the banner below and see if you can get T.B to talk with you,you never know may even happen ...who knows,now just click that banner and stop wasting our time!

T.B Myspace

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