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Razorbladekizzez Photography

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The Order of The Blood Dragons Forum has a multi talented Administrator.

And we are very proud to have her on board on Our Projects.
So this time we are stalking our own crew.

This is a Tribute to a very Special and Vampy Emogirl



Razorbladekizzez Photography and Poems


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Locked inside eachothers eyes
She slowly traced his lips
He placed the pills inside her mouth
Swallowed them in a kiss
Taking turns and swaping
The roll of taking death
Till all the bottles finished
And they take their ending breath
Together they lay side by side
Bodies held close and tight
Both escaped the sorrow
With death and love that night.

Written by Razorbladekizzez 

Well if we say Razorbladekizzez then we must also say Dev..
He is Razorbladekizzez special other half.
Razorbladekizzez created this for Dev...



Razorbladekizzez bring romance back into this cold world



Tifa x Cloud AMV -Within Temptation




Well this says it ,no sorry ... guys this angel is taken and dont even dream of it

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