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Temple UVUP

Page reserved for " UVUP" Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagans news and articles..

A very active participant of the Vampyre community in general, 
Rev JP is  the founder - High Priest in Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan ,
as well as 3rd chair Judgemagistrate of the Vampire Nation,
 5th chair VN Courtisians,
 and he run the church of vampire nation. 
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Started by Rev.J.P Vanir:

Temple United Vampyre Unitarian
 Promoting unity and understanding for the vampyre community.
As well as teaching others what they are as vampyres
and our capable of as more than just humans with a virus BUT embrace what they are…


(you dont have to belief everything but this is what we believe):

~ As Vampyres we should know the difference between are Donors
or other human friends and our other Vampyre companions,
Being as we are half human half demigod (we are above them
on the food chain but we also must respect them for they
give us what we need and senseless murder is not our way)…

~As Vampyes We should never be ashamed of what we are but embrace our Darkness...

~As Vampyres We should Know that We each have the same abilities needs hunger though
some are stronger than others and some prefer only some of them...

~As Vampyres We all have A Vampyre Soul, live each life as a Vampyre,
and the Vampyre soul will never eternally rest...

~As Vampyres We all should not try to make ourselves sick by starving ourselves
because we think it is bad to borrow energy or life force
as they all will get it back and will not suffer as much
as we do for the lack of it...

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This is the summary of the beliefs and just our first book.
 Our main belief is that all religions have there basis in truth, 
as well as not and by trying to understand each other
 we may come closer to the real truth.
 We believe in vampyrism as a part of our Lives
 and spirituality and Lilith is one of our dark mothers. 
My personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of her as well ,
as Vampyre Gods who came down and mated with human females
 which had Vampyre children
. We are born and not turned however we do have a Vampyre soul.




We are a United Temple in Ohio Since Dec 18, 2003 with members everywhere for freedom of beliefs and spirituality. We consist mostly of Vampyres and dark pagans but anyone an open mind can join as well. Whether you are Wiccan, Goth, Vampyre, or other kin you are welcome here. Our main belief is that all religions have their basis in truth as well as not and by trying to understand each other we may come closer to the real truth. Our name Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan is the basis for what we believe as our spirituality. We want the community to be united in its knowledge of what Vampyrism is and what we are capable of as Vampyre and human.

We also believe Vampyres are spiritual beings and are very eclectic or Unitarian in our belief (since all religious beliefs lead to the truth) as well as Pagan as nature is a very important part of a successful world and we believe in many deities as well, Satanism, and Spiritual Humanism. We believe in Vampyrism as a part of our lives and spirituality and I believe Lilith is our dark mother and my personal belief is that Vampyrism is a product of them as well as the Fallen Angels, Demons, or gods who decided to come to this realm and mated with human females which bore Vampyre children. There for we are born not turned and we are not undead, however we do have a Vampyre soul.

I know a lot of Vampyres like vampire church and they get a lot of respect; they have been around for a long while and I like what I have heard ( ). The only thing I do not get about them is why do they call themselves vampire church if they are not even a church? They are partially why I started Temple United Vampyre Unitarian Pagan and at first it was just a group to talk about Vampyrism, spirituality, and how it can be connected. Some months later I was focused on becoming a house seeing as it was growing pretty well at the time, a year and a day past.

We had several of the same members we had from the beginning and according to Michelle Belanger and the Sanguinarium at the time, we were a house.

The Temple or Coven really did not come to much into play for a year or so later. Back then I agreed with the Sanguinarium as it helped me find the internet Vampyre community. However now they act like feeding off blood is a crime and Father Todd is not even a Vampyre (he admitted it). It is all too similar to vampire the masquerade to me and the Strigoi Vii claims they have no energy deficiency but that is what makes us Vampyres! It’s all lies to me. I never really thought much about writing this out but I guess I figured I might as well and I may add more lately as time goes on...

Rev. Father J P Vanir Founder TempleUVUP

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Comment posted by The Order of The Blood Dragon( ), 11/28/2007 at 8:19pm (UTC):
The Order back up UVUP in the following ,it isnt a crime to feed on blood,its only a crime when you didnt ask the permission of the one you feed from.

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